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Escape Route's Ski To Sky Challenge 2024

Escape Route's Ski To Sky Challenge 2024

"We expect all participants to accept their own risk when taking part in the Ski to Sky challenge. We do not support anyone going out into the backcountry without the appropriate training and knowledge to be there." 



Are you looking to make this ski season one to remember? It's been a slow start this year but there is still a lot of touring to be had. The Ski to Sky Challenge helps you get out there, get in more touring and do things you didn't even think you would do! 

  • Do you love checklists?
  • Do you love ski touring?
  • Do you love winning prizes?
  • Need touring inspiration?

If this sounds like you, the Ski to Challenge is for you! Read on to learn how to get started.




      We will be providing you with a checklist of different challenges related to ski touring in Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. The objective is to go ski touring to as many places as you can, check items off the list, gain points and win prizes!

      Took part last year or the year before? We have new updates for this season.

      Update for the 23/24 season:

      • Updated checklist
      • Prizes for first, second and third place 
      • Weekly bonus points (Best picture, MIN reports, GPS art)

      Start Date: Feb 4th - March 31st  (2 months) 



      1. Sign up here.

      2. Get your free FATMAP Explore membership here.

      2. Follow all sponsors on instagram (, @Ortovox, @MSA_adventures, @Zagskis, @Mammut_swiss1862, @Fatmap_official, @Motusendurance, @Doubledeckerscoops)

      3. From February 4th, choose items from the checklist to complete.

      4. Track the route on FATMAP.

      5. Name the route "S2S Challenge - #4, #19" (Add the completed challenges in the title)

      6. Send the route to us on instagram (instructions below, its simple!)

      7. Screenshot your route, share on instagram story with tagged sponsors.

      8. Rinse, repeat and win prizes!


      Every Monday: Weekly leaderboard and GPS art for public vote announced
      Every Tuesday: GPS art winner announced



        View Checklist

          • Mulligan couloir (#41), not a couloir, simply summit and ski it.



              • Must track your route on FATMP and share this track to us on instagram message (see below for instructions)
              • Must include the completed challenges in the route title eg: (S2S Challenge - #1, #8, #23)
              • Must follow all the sponsors on instagram (, @Ortovox, @MSA_adventures, @Zagskis, @Mammut_swiss1862, @Motusendurance, @Doubledeckerscoops)
              • Must share your route on instagram story: tagging the sponsors 


              • Lift-access tours starting with a ski descent from the top of a lift does not count in your stats for the day. Begin recording your activity when you begin skinning.
              • MIN report bonus points are limited to 1pt/week.
              • FSRs and skin-track ski outs (i.e. Singing-pass) do not count towards the 2.5km descent (#49).



              Can I do Musical Bumps as three peaks - #54/55/56?
              This would not count. We have grouped the bumps as one. As seen for #3.

              What is GPS art?
              With your GPS track, draw something in the snow that would show up on your track. We have seen some incredible efforts in the past. From the Arc'teryx logo to writing S2S Challenge. Let your creative juices flow and be in with the chance of an extra point each week.

              Can I ski an FSR for the continuous 2.5km?

              No, FSR’s don’t count. Neither does singing pass and other skin-track ski outs. Think big glaciers and long ski lines.
              Will the prizes fit me?
              Yes, if you win the skis or the backpack. We will get you the one that works for you.
              Can I do GPS art walking?
              We'd like to see all GPS art done whilst out on a ski tour, not on foot or romping around your back garden or local field.

              Can I tick-off multiple items in the same day?
              Yes. The exception to this is the distance and vertical challenges. One each per day.

              What counts as a peak/summit?

              If 'peak' or 'summit' is in the name on Fatmap or other maps, then it counts. Ridges, false peaks and un-named peaks will not count.

              What counts as sunset/night skiing?

              You must be on your skis after the official sunset time for that date AND provide a photo proof. (Great chance to enter for the best activity photo bonus point.)




              Competition Overall Prize Draw First Place

              • ZAG Slap 104 Ski - $899
              • Scott Alp-ride 30L Avalanche Airbag - $1399
              • Pint of Double Decker Scoops Ice Cream

              Second Place

              • Ortovox Haute Route Backpack - $249
              • MSAA Crevasse Rescue Course - $349
              • Pint of Double Decker Scoops Ice Cream

              Third Place

              • Mammut Touring Backpack - $254
              • Pint of Double Decker Scoops Ice Cream

                Weekly Prize Draw Random draw (entered if you have submitted a route that week)

              • SIDAS Custom Footbed - $200
              • 2 x DPS Phantom Glide - $170
              • 2 x $100 Escape Route Gift Card
              • MOTUS Endurance custom 16 week training plan - $400
              • 1 x Black Diamond Razor Carbon Poles - $229
              • 2 x Ortovox Ski Tour Socks - $130

                Weekly Additional Points

              • Submit a MIN report (screenshot and shared on instagram message)
              • Best GPS art (screenshot and shared on instagram message - public vote)
              • Best activity photo (screenshot and shared on instagram message - staff vote)


              How to Send Your Route From FATMAP

                "We expect all participants to accept their own risk when taking part in the Ski to Sky challenge. We do not support anyone going out into the backcountry without the appropriate training and knowledge to be there." 

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