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Red Paddle Co - 2022 Voyager Series Review

Red Paddle co Voyager series on the water

Voyager 12′ – NEW for 2022

Red Paddle co 12 Voyager Paddleboard

Whats new

This is an all new paddleboard for 2022. Using the success of the previous Voyager models, this new stand up paddle board is 12′ long is the best paddleboard for a lighter rider. Red paddle board designed this new SUP much thinner than the other voayger models, this allows the paddler to have a lower centre of gravity so the paddleboard doesn’t feel as tippy, especially in choppy waters. Don’t worry, the board is still big enough for paddleboard yoga!

Also new for 2022 is an improved cargo system, offering three straps at the front of the paddleboard and a twin d locking system at the rear. There is plenty of space for all your paddleboard accessories. Also added was an extra d lock, perfect for easy access to your water bottle.

New across the entire line of Voyagers this year is an imporved all terrain backpack (ATB), which features removable carry straps. This new carry system allows you to take of the carry straps from the pack and attach them directly to your paddleboard when delflated an rolled up. This means you are free to inflate the paddleboard and head straight onto the water and not have to return to the same spot to collect your bag. It’s an excellent additonal feature that gives you more versistility with where you want to adventure with your paddleboard.

What we think

Check out our video review to find out.

Voyager 12’6

Red Paddle co Voyager series front

Whats the same

Confidence traveling through tough waters is crucial and knowing that your gear is secure. The tie downs on the bow and stern were upgraded in 2021 and remain the same with a wider flat stretchy webbing that holds gears very well! This gives you confidence traveling through tough waters knowing that your gear is safe. The handles all around the paddleboard are numerous which makes hauling a loaded board easier, they are also comfortable to hold which can make the odd portage a better experience.

The single deep fin of 2020 was replaced in 2021 with dual fins to allow the board to track just as well and have a slightly shallower draft. The fin boxes are both US fin box so if you want to change the fins to suit your paddling style and waters this is easy.

Whats new

The Voayger 12’6 paddleboard also carries the same improvements to the cargo carry system, improved RSS battons and a fully upgraded SUP all terrain bag. Check out above to hear about those new features!

What we think

The only aspect I have a bit of concern with is the wet feet that the bow shaping delivers. There is a bit of a well on the front of the board. However, if you are that worried about wet feet maybe paddle boarding isn’t the best sport for you.

Our local water here in Squamish, BC has wind driven ocean waves and a strong river that pushes out into the Howe Sound. This creates choppy waters. Using Red paddleboard in Canada, we appreciate a stable board to create strong paddle strokes, the voyager gives you that.

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Voyager 13’2

Red Paddle co Voyager series on a river

Whats the same

Red paddle co improved the Titan pump in 2021 by upgrading to the Titan 2. This sup pump moves just as much air as the last pump but packs up 1/3 smaller!

The twin fins on the rear stay the same and continue to increase it’s stability. Of course it tracks very well but the increased lateral resistance from the duel fins keeps the paddleboard inline and flatter. The shaped nose also stays the same, this bow splits the water and allows the beam to easily flow through the water. In waves it settles in and doesn’t get bounced around. The board is more stable and slippery through the water than ever before. With the stability offered with nose and fin system, this board will do it all.

Whats new

A simple upgrade to the Voyager 13’2 is the additional rubberized speed tail. This is a deflective tail to minimize drag which makes the board slightly faster. Although not as fast as the race paddle board, the voyager series is still a fast board. The board also comes with the same upgraded bag, RSS baton system and upgraded cargo straps like the other voyager SUP’s in the series.

What we think

My favourite ocean touring board just got a little better. You might be at the cottage with kids, a dog and a cooler or you might be on the ocean. This paddleboard stays light, tough and stable but is now significantly faster than in the past. Nice job Red Paddle co.

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