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Best Summer Camping Tents in 2022

MSR Camping Tent

There is nothing like waking up in the wilderness, unzipping the tent door, smelling last nights fire and looking at the beautiful scenery surrounding your tent.

Camping can also turn pretty ugly, pretty fast - soggy sleeping bags, flapping rain flys and a heavy tent in your backpack can ruin a camping experience. Thats why it's crucial to choose a tent thats right for what you need.  

When looking for the best camping tent you want to think about how you will use your tent. 




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Backpacking Tent

2022 MSR Hubba Hubba Tent with tent fly and door open


MSR Hubba Hubba 2 Person Tent

If light weight backpacking is the aim of the game, this is the small tent for you. With a focus on being lightweight and packable the hubba hubba is an award winning classic for a reason. We love how small this backpacking tent packs up. You can really shrink your backpack size down using this tent.

It's a 3 season backpacking tent, meaning it will withstand even the harshest of rain the west coast will throw at you. However, it would be happy during the winter at tree line with low wind and if there isn't huge snowfall.

It has a large vestibule making cooking with your jetboil easy with ample storage space. The hubba hubba comes with virtually indestructible poles and long-lasting waterproof coating keeping you protected if the weather goes south.

It's the backpacking tent you've always dreamed of.




Camping Tent

2022 MSR Elixir 2 person tent

MSR Elixir 2 Person Tent

If size and weight isn't your main concern, but livability, features and a great price is. This MSR tent is an extremely livable backpacking and car camping  tent thats perfect for you. It’s very easy to assemble and comes at a great price for the quality and functionality of the tent.

This spacious outdoor living space has plenty of room for two people and gear. The Elixir 2 features 35% larger vestibules than its predecessor, as well as two large doors. The breathable mesh fabric combined with a solid canopy fabric provides ventilation, warmth, and privacy. You can’t beat this trusty companion for your camping adventures.






Family Camping Tent

Mountain Hardware Mineral King 2 person tent

Mountain Hardware Mineral King 3 Person Tent

If you are into spacious living, the Mountain Hardware Mineral king two or three person tent is ideal for you and your family. The mineral king tent is simple and easy to pitch with colour coordination connectors. This family camping tent fits three so is perfect for a small family. It's ideal for adventures where weight and size are not a huge importance but comfort and space are.

The mineral king has a completely mesh canopy which is ideal for star gazing. Simply put, this tent is perfect entry level tent for families and short hikes.





Bivy Sack

Outdoor Research helium Bivy

Outdoor Research Helium Bivy

We know this isn't exactly a tent, but for weight and space conscious solo backpacking, this is a perfect companion. Bivys are usually a last resort, and can result in a sub par sleep due to fabric on your face. The Helium bivy sack solves that by have a tent like structure across the head. This features allows you to lie in the bivy and have ample space around your head to read a book, use your phone or just sleep comfortably.

The bivy is totally water proof when sealed and comes with a bug net around the face if its not raining. It also helps maintain good air flow so your sleeping bag doesn't get wet.






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