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Gear Review: Mammut La Liste Pro

Gear Review: Mammut La Liste Pro


Back from Roger pass! Good news folks, the La Liste pro stood up well in the - teens temps and deep deep fluffy pow. We were lucky to be there during a storm cycle. With the touchy snowpack staying in the old growth was not only the safest option but provided the best snow conditions and skiing as well!

The fluffy forgiving snow allowed us to push ourselves to follow pillow lines and attempt small drops!

I created and practice my knew peeing routine in the La Liste. While change can be difficult I can finally say that I have found my technique for peeing! The zip off top part of the bib allows for a more discrete pee for those who prefer more privacy, also great for those who are not confident in their squat pee stance and prefer a more "normal" backcountry pee experience. (pulling down pants rather then unzipping the bib then pulling it behind your bum and over to the other side (more chance of peeing on your bibs)

It kept me warm and dry and most importantly I learned that the skin pocket doubles as a pizza/snack pocket! (I have attached two videos that showcase this, one is slow mo the other is normal speed)

That is all for now. Be safe have fun!


Tell us a bit about how the La Liste Pro jacket & pants fit?

I love the way the the La Liste Pro jacket and La Liste Pro Bib fit. The bib is fitted and flattering but has some give which makes it comfortable when being active. TheJacket is bulky but allows for many layers underneath and is extremely durable. I do not have to worry about the jacket getting torn or ripped if I ski too close to a tree branch. 



Who do you think is best suited to buy the La Liste jacket and pant?

I think someone who is looking for a reliable water and wind proof layer for ski touring or resort. The jacket and pant have removable parts to suit the activity or needs of the day. The jacket has a removable powder skirt and the bibs have a removable top. 



How has the La Liste lived up to your expectations?

So far I have enjoyed trying this kit out. I usually have a hard time staying warm when I am skiing but have found that this kit has done the job well. I think someone who runs hot would also benefit from the La Liste as there are vents in both the jacket and the bibs to provide more breathability if needed.



What’s your favourite thing about the La Liste jacket and pants and is there anything you don’t like about them?

What I love most about this kit is that its fashionable and extremely practical all in one. Most outerwear looks baggy on me and I like how this kit is more fitted and doesn’t compromise on durability, waterproofing and wind-proofing. 

The one draw back for me is that the bibs do not unzip all the way to the waist. This has made it more difficult to pee when out touring, however, because you can easily unzip the top part of the bib from the pant it makes for a much easier peeing experience, it has just forced me to adapt and change my old systems a little. 


In a couple weeks I will be taking the kit interior to Rogers Pass. I can’t wait to see how it’ll do in colder conditions. :) 



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