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October to May, Blundstones everyday

October to May, Blundstones everyday

We love our Blundstones. For Coastal living nothing says good in the woods like these boots. They are dry enough for our rainforest living and breathable enough for everyday adventures like walking the dog, getting the groceries or pounding out work at the office. We can’t decide on which one to wear, the office special or the weekend warrior that has accompanied us on errands and garden building adventures.

With minimal care these boots look great and last for a really long time. A rinse and footwear cream once a year goes a long way. The pull on tabs are important to break in. Coming out of the box they might be a bit flat and need to be pushed down to easily accept your finger but once that is done they are very easy to put on and take off. Our local contractor guys love these for easy on and off as they walk into the different houses they are working on.

Lastly the extra footbed they come with is well worth saving. It is a size adjuster if you need it right away or a space filler in a year or two if the boot has stretched and feels a little lose. I never use them in my Blundstones but they sure have improve some of my other items of footwear like my rubber boots.

This is one of the brands we love introducing people to. Get a pair, we are sure you will like them.


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