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Blundstone Guide: Is This The One Boot To Beat Them All?

So you want to buy Blundstones - but maybe you have a few questions. Are Blundstones good for winter? Are Blundstones worth it? What size Blundstones should I get and how do I care for them? With these burning questions in mind, we sat down with Krishni from our Squamish store to get the need-to-knows when buying Blundstones - along with some handy tips and tricks to make them last longer. So whether you are buying Blundstones for the first time, are a long-time Blundstones user, or are looking to update your current boots. We've got you covered. Shall we dig in? 

  • Blundstone Sizing

  • The different Blundstone Boots

  • Will the Blundstone fit change over time?

  • How do I care for Blundstones?

  • Blundstone Lifetime Warranty

  • Are Blundstones worth it?



Blundstones are an excellent year-round boot that makes choosing what to wear easy. Here are some ways Blundstones might make your life easier.

  • Unrivalled durability 
  • Never out of style
  • No laces
  • Waterproof
  • Versatility  

Blundstone Sizing

When looking at what size to buy in your Blundstones, a starting point is

  • 1 size down from your US size for men
  • 3 size down from your US size for women




Blundstone CSA boot

 Blundstones CSA certified

This Blundstone boot comes with all the requirements a boot needs to be CSA certified, like;

  • oil and heat resistant 
  • kevlar lining making it puncture proof
  • steel toe

The boot fits true to size according to the sizing we mentioned earlier. 



Blundstone original boot

Blundstones Original

Blundstones basic model. It fits true to size but can feel a little roomy when you first buy it.

  • No leather liner
  • Feels similar to a birkenstock, uncomfy at first and wonderful once formed to your foot



Blundstone dress boot

Blundstones Dress Shoe

Blundstones slightly classier, smarter boot

  • Less aggressive sole with a shallower tread.
  • The toe is square, so this can feel somewhat longer.

Many people would size down in this boot.



blundstone classic boot

Blundstones Classic

This Blundstone is the same as the original but with a leather liner.

  • Has leather liner, can feel slightly smaller in the beginning 
  • Feels softer out of the box

When answering the question "are Blundstones comfortable?" We say yes, and would advise someone to get either this boot because of the leather liner or even the Blundstone winter boot which has the sheepskin liner. 




blundstone womens boots

Blundstones Women's

This Blundstone boot has a much higher cuff than the others.

  • The high cuff is narrow
  • Common sticking point with people enjoying this boot, but the cuff is too thin.

What can happen is people would size up to make the cuff fit, but then the boot itself is too big. So if you have wide ankles, be cautious with this fit.




blundstone kids boot

Blundstones Kids

The kids' size 3 and adults' size 3 overlap. You may think you have found the jackpot, saving $$. However, kids' Blundstones are slightly different.

  • Less reinforcement in the sole and the heel does not have the padding that adults have.
  • Somewhat less comfortable
  • Much less durable.

The reason for this is adult's Blundstone's are made to last many years, but kids' bloodstones are likely not going to be worn by the kid for very long.



blundstone all terrain vibram boot

Blundstones Vibram Sole

This Blundstone fits the same as the classic

  • Leather liner on the inside.

When answering the questions "are blundstones good for winter", we say yes! This boot is fantastic for snow and ice because it has a grippier sole that has more traction. It makes a noticeable difference in winter conditions.




blundstone winter boot

Blundstones Winter

This Blundstone fits the same as the classic with the leather liner

  • Comes with a sheepskin footbed for extra warmth (be warned that this fills up space, so it may change sizing slightly,

It could be worth getting half a size up to create somewhat more space on the instep) and the stretchy sides are fully waterproof.


Blundstone Fit

Blundstones half a size up doesn't change the boot in length but only in width. This change is not from the sole's width but added extra leather. So only go up half a size if you need the extra width for a wider foot or someone with a higher instep.

When trying on Blundstones, it's worth noting to expect some heel lift when walking. Plus, your toes should feel snug against the front of the boot but not tight.


Will the Blundstone fit change over time?

Blundstones come with a thin plastic cap around the toe and heel. They will not change in length over time, and the ankle will keep its shape. 

The leather will soften over time; if your foot pushes the leather, it will stretch over time.


How do I care for Blundstones?

Blundstones come pre-treated, so you don't need to do anything immediately. It's recommended that they should be treated twice per year with regular use. Treatment comes in two forms. 



Hydration cream prevents the leather from cracking and increases the lifespan of your bloodstones. When buying hydrating cream, make sure you buy the correct colour as the wrong colour eg: black instead of rustic, will change the colour of the shoe. 

One thing to note is that hydrating beeswax cream can be used. However, it may leave a shiny finish to your bloodstones.



Waterproofing doesn't need doing as often as hydration, likely around once per year. If you feel the shoes soak through - it can be done with a waterproof spray. 


Blundstone Lifetime Warranty 

This is straight from Blundstone. There is no end on their warranty but all cases are case by case.

"Our warranty does not imply an expectation of service life. All warranty claims are assessed on an individual basis. This warranty does not apply to footwear or accessories that have been damaged as a result of normal wear and tear. This includes but is not limited to the exposure of the product to caustic materials or environments that may cause the footwear or part thereof to break down."


Are Blundstones worth it?

We say yes! But maybe we are biased. Time to make your own choice.


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