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Chasm & Big Bar Loops: BC Gravel Biking Bliss

Chasm & Big Bar Loops: BC Gravel Biking Bliss

Date: Aug 15 & 16, 2023

Route/Place: Day 1: Chasm Loop, Day 2: Big Bar Town Loop

Trip Time: 3 days including drive time to and from Squamish

Activity Type: Gravel Bike

Trip Result: Successful

Rating: *****

Road Conditions: Mostly excellent

Route Conditions: Variable - Chasm Loop (60km) had a bit of everything from smooth gravel roads, to double track (snowmobile trails), to open sandy single track to really rough gravel roads full of holes. Town Loop (40km) started with a 4km steep climb on a double track, then flattened out to a mix of double track and gravel roads. It ended with a super fun descent on nordic and cattle trails.


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Trip Report:


Choosing the Right Tools for the Trip: Strava and Eyewear

One of the first things we learned on our journey through the best gravel rides in BC was the importance of using Strava to follow routes. The trails we explored, known for being among the best gravel rides in BC, lacked clear signage at various forks, which could easily lead to confusion. Strava, the popular route tracking app, proved to be our reliable guide, ensuring we stayed on the right path and maximized our enjoyment.

Speaking of tools, don't forget to gear up with the right eyewear. While UV protection is essential, our experience taught us that eyewear also serves as a barrier against the onslaught of grasshoppers. Trust us, when you're riding in the summer, you'll appreciate the extra defense!


Tailoring the Trip for All Skill Levels

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience, we kept the mileage relatively low. This allowed us to savor the beauty around us without pushing ourselves to the limits.


Day 1: Chasm Provincial Park - Unveiling Natural Wonders

Our adventure began around 9:30-10ish with our destination set for Chasm Provincial Park, situated just north of Clinton. We parked at the day use parking lot, ready to immerse ourselves in the park's natural wonders. The absence of signs guiding us at crossroads reiterated the significance of needing good mapping of the route.


Day 2: Embracing Local Charm and Tranquility

For our second day, we decided to pedal right from our campground in town. The convenience of this approach cannot be overstated, allowing us to seamlessly begin our exploration right from our doorstep.

We concluded each day's journey at Kelly Lake, a picturesque oasis located just a 16km drive from our campground. The glistening lake, adorned with the calls of loons, greeted us with a sense of tranquility that's hard to find elsewhere. In retrospect, we're already planning to bring stand up paddle boards next time to fully embrace the serenity of the water.


Camping and Culinary Delights

A successful cycling adventure requires a comfortable base, and we found just that at Clinton Pines RV Park. The friendliness and cleanliness of the campground exceeded our expectations as we embarked on the finest gravel rides in BC. For a reasonable $40 per night, we had access to full hook-up power and water, ensuring a cozy stay after our active days on these top gravel rides in BC.

And when it comes to satisfying your appetite, you're in for a treat. The campground boasts an incredible Fish & Chips Food Truck, ready to cater to your culinary desires. This option proved to be a delightful alternative to cooking, adding an extra layer of convenience to our experience.


In conclusion, our two-day cycling escapade through Chasm Provincial Park and the charming town of Clinton left us with unforgettable memories of the best gravel rides in BC.


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