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Customer Review - DPS/ATK R14 Binding

Customer Review - DPS/ATK R14 Binding

It's been 12 months since we got our hands on the new DPS/ATK R14 and R10 binding. So we decided to reach out to local backcountry skier Christopher Murrilo to see if his experience matches up to the hype around the new binding.



Talk abit about what you were looking for from a new ski binding?

I was looking for a change after 5 years on Dynafit Beast 14's. Definitely looking for weight savings but i didn't want to compromise safety and wanted to continue to instill confidence in being able to push a ski. I have also used Dynafit Rotation and Radical in the past.


What other bindings were in the running?

Tecton and the Shift (a distant third).


DPS ATK R14 toe and heel piece


What tipped you over the edge in the end to buy the ATK?

Materials (all metal) used in construction and simplicity. The stomp pad which creates an incredible interface with the ski. I did end up getting a dedicated alpine binding as well for my resort ski and wanted what i'll term a pin binding for touring and resort slack country. A hybrid binding (Tecton and Shift) seems like a happy medium if you wanted only one binding but I was a little concerned with their construction for longevity and peace of mind in the back country.


DPS ATK R14 toe piece


How has the binding lived up to your expectations (if it has?)

The binding has exceeded my expectations, perhaps due to the transition from the Beast's..? Step-in is by far the best i've experienced in an AT binding. Lifters are great; ease of use and heights available. In extremely heavy snow, they have flipped occasionally on their own; which would be their only negative trait i've experienced. No icing up of parts. Transitions are extremely smooth and quick.


DPS ATK R14 heel piece


Whats your favourite thing about the ATK binding and is there anything you don’t like about the binding?

Strangely, the best thing about the binding has to do with the ski. It might be the first time that I have truly been able to feel the traits of a ski through their design and construction. We so often read reviews of skis and I've always found that you needed to mount alpine bindings on them to experience their intended characteristics. In the past when you mounted an AT binding on them you isolated yourself from so much of the ski. The integration of the stomp pad provides a connectivity to the ski that I haven't previously felt with an AT binding. Currently mounted to Powderworks Lotus 115 RPC, will be QK'd to some Powderworks Lotus 120's this season.

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