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DPS Kaizen: The Unapologetic Pursuit Of The Perfect Ski

DPS Kaizen: The Unapologetic Pursuit Of The Perfect Ski

When it comes to skiing, DPS stands out as a trailblazer, earning its reputation as the most technologically advanced ski brand globally. Crafting their skis in their own factory in the USA, DPS is not just a brand; it's a commitment to excellence, with each skis taking 6.5 hours of meticulous handcrafting.

What makes DPS truly unique is its unapologetic pursuit of making the best ski in the world. If you're in search of the crème de la crème, DPS is your ticket to the pinnacle of skiing.



DPS Kaizen

DPS Kaizen 105 production

DPS Kaizen: The Pursuit of Efficiency

Enter the DPS Kaizen, a name derived from the Japanese term meaning "constant improvement in efficiency over time." True to its name, the Kaizen introduces a revolutionary wood core technology.

The core utilizes a custom machine that can precisely shape the wood, strategically placing stiffer ash underfoot and softer poplar around the tips and tails. This precise control over materials results in an incredible skiing experience, allowing for unmatched performance.

DPS has fine-tuned their carbon layup, a subtle adjustment that trims down the weight. The use of a slightly more elastic glue enhances the ski's flexibility, marking a nuanced yet impactful improvement.

The DPS Kaizen ski is available in;

  • DPS Kaizen 100: All Mountain. Moguls, tight trees, powder, chutes, hardpack, spring skiing
  • DPS Kaizen 105: Freeride/All Mountain. Hardpack, skiing fast, chutes, drops, tight trees, powder
  • DPS Kaizen 112: Powder/All Mountain.  Deep powder, tight trees, open powder fields, pillows, heli-skiing

The DPS Kaizen 105 stands as a departure from the old 106 C2, delivering a different skiing experience with a more center-mounted recommended point. It strikes a perfect balance between the old playful RP and the fast, aggressive C2, reminiscent of the reverse camber Hoji.

DPS Pagoda Tour 112

DPS Pagoda Tour: Touring Triumph

The name "Pagoda" is not just a label; it's a representation of the ski's construction. The materials are vertically layered, resembling the iconic roof of a Japanese pagoda.

The DPS Pagoda Tour ski is available in;

At the heart of DPS's flagship models lies the DPS Pagoda Tour Line, a touring-focused ski. Renowned for its mind-blowing performance for its weight, the DPS Pagoda Tour 112 and DPS Pagoda Tour 100, often hailed as the lightest touring skis that are unmatched in their weight class.

Unlike typical touring skis made from paulownia and carbon, the Pagoda Tour introduces foam into the mix. This ingenious combination tames the energy, providing a lightweight yet lively ski. The sidewalls, comprising 60% algael, reduce plastic use and showcase DPS's commitment to sustainable practices.

DPS Kaizen 112

DPS Kaizen & Pagoda 100 and 112 Width: Shredding with Style

With widths of 100 and 112, these skis boast a shape and radius that make them a joy to ski. The aggressive rocker ensures a feel-good experience, excelling in trees, moguls, and tight, controlled maneuvers. They're not just skis; they're an invitation to fun and excitement on the slopes.


Comparing the DPS Pagoda Tour and DPS Kaizen

While the Pagoda Tour and Kaizen may share similarities in short turns and trees, it's the open terrain where the Kaizen truly shines. With no upper limit to its capabilities, the Kaizen offers an exhilarating ride, setting it apart from its counterpart in stability and confidence at high speed.


Craftsmanship and Durability

One of the hallmarks of DPS is its incredibly low warranty rate, the lowest of any ski brand in many stores. The reasons for returns are minimal, thanks to DPS's relentless efforts to fortify their skis. The introduction of a 100% lifetime warranty this year on all new skis speaks volumes about their confidence in the durability of their products.

DPS achieves this robustness by integrating steel reinforcement into the tails, essentially bomb-proofing them. The result is a ski that not only performs exceptionally but is also backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Carbon Magic

DPS skis utilize carbon, a game-changer that balances weight and performance. Unlike fiberglass and metal, carbon ensures almost no performance loss over time, making DPS skis a lifetime investment.

In a groundbreaking move, DPS has introduced the Revive Program. This allows you to trade in your old DPS skis, receiving credit towards a new pair. The refurbished skis then find a second life on DPS's website, available for purchase as used but revitalized treasures.

In conclusion, DPS is not just a ski brand; it's a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship. Whether you're drawn to the DPS Pagoda Tour's touring prowess, seeking the lightest touring skis, or exploring the best backcountry ski in the DPS Kaizen, DPS has something for every skiing enthusiast. Strap in and experience the future of skiing with DPS.

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