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DPS Pagoda Tour 2023 - Whats new?

DPS Pagoda tour 2023

Here is a quick overview of what's new for the 2023 DPS Pagoda Tour ski. Maintaining the same high quality and high performance feel, the new ski has upgrades in sustainability and top sheet design.


In this blog we will cover;

What is the DPS Pagoda Tour Series

What's new for 2023

Who is the DPS Pagoda Tour for?


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DPS Pagoda Tour Series

DPS have a created a very simple method of organizing their skis.

By construction (what materials the skis are made from)

By shape (how the ski will feel).

When you have decided your construction and shape you can choose length (depending on your height) and width (depending on the depth of snow).

The chart below shows a fantastic breakdown of their DPS skis lineup with the three constructions on the top and 4 shapes on the left.


DPS construction and shape chart


Today we’ll be focusing on the DPS Pagoda Tour construction. This construction comes in the RP shape (in both 112mm and 100mm widths) and the C2 shape (in 90mm, 94, and 106mm widths). Both in varying lengths.


New for 2023

If it ain't broke don't fix it. 2023 upgrades will keep the ski feeling as it always has but with a focus on a more sustainable product. The three updates are;

  • Third Rail Tech
  • Algal Sidewalls
  • Topsheet Design


Third Rail Technology

DPS use a blend of ash and paulownia wood plus aerospace foam within the ski. Ash provides the stiffness, paulownia the poppy feeling and the aerospace foam keeps the weight down.

New for 2023, is the introduction of Algal, a 68% bio-based content. Where there would usually be three sections of ash within the wood structure, there is now two, and the third is appropriately named “third rail technology”.

This addition is a step in the direction towards a more sustainable product that maintains the performance abilities.



DPS pagoda tour construction breakdown


Algal Sidewalls

The new Algal material replaces the more commonly used rubber in Pagoda Tour constructions. DPS are aiming to create a more sustainable product that maintains its renown touring abilities. This new material will allow the ski to feel the same as it always has but with an improvement in the environmental costs from production.


Topsheet Design

DPS have left the minimal grey top sheet in 2021 and have updated the design with a coloured mountain landscape.


DPS Pagoda Tour 2023 ski


Who is the DPS Pagoda Tour for?

The 2023 DPS Pagoda Tour lineup is designed for the weight conscious backcountry skier who still wants to maintain strong downhill performance. The DPS Pagoda Tour Series comes in two shapes, the RP & C2. The RP is a playful, short turning ski and the C2 is more aggressive and harder charging due to its longer effective edge. So depending on which you relate to most will dictate which ski is most appropriate.



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