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DPS partnership

DPS partnership

Deep History

One company we’re proud to offer in our stores is DPS. They were founded to give those that live and breathe the sport of skiing a deep connection to the mountains. In 2002 Stephan Drake co founded Drake Bonnet (DB) skis.

The Tabla Rassa and the split tail Swallow were revolutionary designs and one of the first skis to use the term Rocker. That is also the year The Escape Route picked up the skis becoming Canada’s first DB and ultimately first DPS retailer. We haven’t looked back since.

Endless Innovation

The Wailer 112 and the Lotus 138 gave us all a new feeling in the snow. All of a sudden the Wailer 112 gave us a ski that was incredibly surfy but could rail on the harder conditions. You could launch yourself into the trees and when it got just a little too fast and scary you could easily scrub speed with a slarve turn (slide and carve), then suck the skis back under you to have billy goat like sure-footedness.

This ski revolutionized the way thousands of skiers experienced the mountains. The Wailer 99 ended up being a personal favourite because of its incredible manoeuvrability and responsiveness. Those early skis had some rough edges but they performed incredibly well. DPS did an incredible job helping those that had issues with their skis.

Committed To Excellence

As a retailer, we have seen manufactures back peddle and make all sorts of excuses about things. DPS stood up and did the right thing for people, they made life long customers with their actions.

In 2012 the Pure 3 construction was brought back home establishing first rate R&D and quality control. 2015 gave us the Tour 1 construction. The carbon laminate and Austrian race base is about 20% lighter than the Pure construction and doesn’t sacrifice the ride on the way down.

2016 debuted the Wailer and Zelda 106 models and DPS released the Foundation construction. For 2018, we see the full roll out of the Phantom process which again pushes the boundaries of performance while being responsible to the environment.

This company is one that exemplifies the role great manufacturer can play in an industry. They are leaders, instigators and rebels, and they have chosen to have a growth trajectory that is sustainable and responsible.

Come in and see Canada (one of the biggest in the world) largest DPS Demo Centre located in our Alpine Demo Centre in the centre of Whistler village. We are proud to be partners with DPS and know you will enjoy the ride as much as we have.

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