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What The Escape Route Team Love In November

What The Escape Route Team Love In November

Pomoca Free Pro Skins (Ski/Splitboard) - $289

I've got to say, these skins are a game-changer for me. I know i'm not using them right now but i'm so psyched for when winter rolls around. They've quickly become my all-time favorites for a bunch of reasons.

First off, they're small enough to stash in my pocket, which is super important for me! Secondly, the glide is killer. Now, I had a bit of a rough experience with another pair of skins in the past. They were like chunky bricks and didn't glide smoothly at all. But get this, I actually rescued them from the garbage and made them work - talk about a comeback story! I used to be on the fence about whether I wanted more grip or more glide, but these skins have convinced me that more glide is the way to go. It seriously levels up my skiing experience.

Oh, and the color? Psyched about it! They look absolutely sick. Compared to my old BD skins, which i found were way too sticky and needed a full-body workout to remove them from my skis, these new ones come off the skis like a breeze. 

Just one thing to watch out for - if you don't press the skin down properly, snow can sneak in there. So, top tip: make sure your skis are dry before you put these babies on. Happy skiing! Erika Yokouchi


Blundstone 585 - $249

Entering my third winter with these boots, and let me tell you, I can't sing their praises enough for the sheer simplicity they've injected into my life. Now, as someone who's not exactly thrilled by the sartorial decisions involved in choosing daily clothing, having a boot that seamlessly pairs with practically anything I own is nothing short of heavenly.

I took the liberty of sizing up by half a size and tossing in that extra footbed that comes with it. Why? Because, in prefer to be able to add thicker socks in the winter which is much comfier. Comfort, after all, is non-negotiable. If we talked about shoes like we talk about skis - these are my daily driver. Oli Kennedy


Atomic Hawx Ultra BOA - $1049.99

Atomic Hawx BOA

There are a few requirements I need from my boots - they are stiff, have a strong flex pattern and the power strap can be removed for my beloved booster strap. These requirements come from my racing background. So I had limited options because of my low volume foot, its leaves me with the Technica Zero G and Atomic Hawx Ultra.

After much contemplation, out of the two I opted for the boot that seemed like it would stand up to more resort skiing. The Atomic Hawx this year has had a redesign; beefing up the plastic and improving on the old mimic liner. We saw how this old liner packed out fast. Secondly, I was blown away with how comfortable the liner felt, it’s unbelievable!! It’s so comfy and does not feel like your run of the mill touring liner that can be thin and spacious - especially when you have narrow feet. And as for the BOA system - love it! It makes me happy to see companies push the boundaries to break the status quo for potential improvement. Secondly I genuinely feel the difference. If you are unsure, just try this boot on and you will know right away!!

The out-of-the-box fit was nothing short of brilliant. A quick heat mold, and I am so happy with it. No need for those return trips and tinkering sessions back at the shop. So, here's to the Atomic Hawx Ultra, a boot that understands comfort, durability, and a skier's need for a boot strap swap. Justin Vadeboncoeur


SIDAS Custom Footbeds - $200


This experience was a game-changer for me. While working at the shop, I had the opportunity to snag a footbed on the house. Admittedly, I hadn't delved into the footbed realm before because I thought my boots were doing just fine, and who even knew footbeds were a thing? Little did I know; it's one of those hidden gems you don't realize you need until you've tried it.

Surprisingly, the impact was massive. I noticed a significant difference in how long I could comfortably wear my boots. This revelation became a crucial factor for me because, let's face it, the longer I can ski, the better! Plus, a bonus perk: those blisters behind my heel from a bit too much après? Poof. Gone.

But wait, there's more. I also observed a performance uptick. I learned this is likely because of how a proper footbed places your foot just where it should be within the boot. This, in turn, aligns your ankle and knee, ensuring you flex the boot in the optimal spot. Chris, our head boot fitter, pointed out that many customers inadvertently flex their boots in the wrong spot, unknowingly limiting their performance.

So, here's the takeaway: footbeds are the unsung heroes, the foundation of any ski boot fitting process. Who knew a little support underfoot could make such a world of difference? Cheers to longer, blister-free ski days and the performance boost we didn't know we needed! Emile Leclerc


Duer No Sweat Pants - $149

Meet my absolute go-to pants from Duer, a local gem hailing straight from Vancouver. These bad boys have seamlessly infiltrated both my work and play wardrobes, becoming the choice for my daily outfit choices.

Let's talk stretchiness – these pants are in a league of their own, especially handy when navigating the chaos of a bustling day at the shop. I'm all about that slim fit life, but hey, they've got a relaxed and jogger fit too for those days when you just want to let loose. You can size down an inch or so giving these pants an extra dash of that tailored charm.

My personal favourite colour, The classic black shade. Versatility is the name of the game here. Whether I'm hustling at work or heading out for a chill dinner, these pants effortlessly ride the wave from day to night. So, if you're looking for a piece that's as comfy as it is stylish, Duer's got your back (and your legs). - Chris Bowen

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