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Five Reasons to Love Fall Camping

Five Reasons to Love Fall Camping


The fire ban has just been lifted and with some crisp fall days ahead of us, we can’t think of anything nicer than layering up and telling stories of summer adventures around a campfire with friends. It’s finally time to locate your favourite camping sweaters and toques, stock up on marshmallows and rediscover your campfire building skills.

Cooler nights

Near-endless summer nights are awesome, but it’s not quite so fun when you wake up hot and sweaty and somehow trapped in your sleeping bag. With the cooler nights, you can get cozy in your sleeping bag, snuggle up with your favourite human or four-legged friend and finally get a restful night’s sleep in your tent.

Clean air

One of the downsides to a hot, dry summer is the unfortunate increase in forest fires and the resulting smoky skies. With the smoke now gone, there’s plenty of opportunity to hike up high and enjoy beautiful views as far as the eye can see. Enjoying a morning coffee in the fresh fall air is the perfect way to clear your mind and look forward to the day ahead.

Fewer crowds

We do love meeting like-minded new friends at campsites and backcountry huts, but part of the appeal of getting out into nature is finding solitude and escaping the crowds. Fall is the perfect time to take a break after a busy summer and enjoy the slower pace of life before winter arrives and we’re jumping out of bed early in search of fresh powder.


Bluebird days are undoubtedly beautiful, but it can be easy to start taking our surroundings for granted when the views look the same each day. With clouds rolling in and getting caught between the trees, it looks like a whole different world out there. Take a moment to appreciate the moody scenery and we guarantee you’ll feel even more love for Whistler, Squamish or wherever you’ve set up camp.

Plus, after hiking in the rain, there is nothing more rewarding than snuggling up inside your tent with a hot chocolate (or hot toddy!) and falling asleep to the drumming of the rain on the roof of your tent.

If you’re feeling inspired but don’t have the gear, check out our new Alpine Demo Centre to rent everything you need.

All images by @ninalaflammephotography

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