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Less pedal, more power

Two people riding E-Bikes around Whistler

Whistler’s vast array of trail networks offer spectacular sights and varying terrain. One of the best ways to take it all in is on two wheels. Even more specifically, two wheels, a powerful battery, and an experienced guide. Yes, we’re talking about E-Bikes. This summer, we are offering E-Bike group and private tours, and we have a few reasons you won’t want to miss out.

See more, do more

With the assistance of a battery, e-bikes give you the capacity to see more sights in Whistler than you’d normally be able to on a traditional bike. This isn’t necessarily because you would be biking faster, blazing down the trail at alarming speeds. You’ll see more because you won’t tire out the same, allowing you to stay on the bike longer. Being able to have a pedal assist means more ground covered with less effort. We promise, you’ll never look at a hill the same way.

Two Bikers biking through the woods
Enjoy rolling through lush, old growth forests.

Stay Together

Most of us have been there. Going for a ride with your friend or partner, and you are mismatched on fitness or skill. While it’s still a fun ride, there’s potential for it to be better. The bonus of a pedal-assist motor means it helps to level the playing field. We love that this allows bikers who would normally not be able to ride together, to actually do so. Whether it’s an age, fitness, or experience gap, the pedal assist allows for family members, couples, and friends to actually enjoy a ride together, as opposed to opting for different activities.

Why Guided?

With the ever useful smartphones and GPS at our fingertips, you might wonder why you would want to take a guided tour when Siri can tell you where to go. The only problem is, Siri can’t guide you to the stunning vistas and lesser known trails that one of our experienced guides can.

Our experienced guides are local mountain bikers, meaning they know the Whistler Valley like the back of their hands. Being able to show up to a tour and have all of the route planning taken care of, means you’ll spend more time experiencing all the Whistler trail networks have to offer. Less time staring at your phone for directions, means more time looking up and keeping your mind focused on the trails and scenery.

Taking in the views at Loggers Lake in Whistler.

What you’ll see

On a guided e-bike tour, you’ll experience the varied terrains and vistas Whistler has to offer. You’ll be guided through old growth forests, lush vegetation, and beautiful lakes. The ride will be a mix of the stunning paved valley trail, double track, and moderate singletrack riding. With the beautiful summer weather in Whistler, you might be so inspired to take a jump in the lake at the end of the ride!

The Tours

At Escape Route, we offer two different types of guided tours. You can join a group tour, which is perfect for the solo adventurer or couple looking to join others on a ride. These tours are designed with the beginner and intermediate rider in mind. You can easily sign up online here. We also offer private tours if you want to have the experience catered to you and your friends or family. For the private tours, you can have up to 6 people per guide in your group. Give the Alpine Demo Center a call at (604) 962-3228, and the staff can setup your private tour.

Photo of an e-bike in front of a mural
Less pedal, more power

The Bikes

As standard for the group tours, we proudly offer the Canadian brand, OHM Bikes. These capable and fun hard-tails, the OHM Mountain 500, have been specially modified for our tours. The low resistance tires provide sure footed traction for the varied terrain you’ll be on. The gel seat, suspension seat post, and touring hand-grips make for a comfortable ride.

If you’re looking for a full-suspension ride, we also carry the Commencal Meta Power line. These bikes can be used during a guided tour for an additional fee, or can be rented on their own to tackle more challenging trails in the valley. These smile-inducing bikes come in 27.5 or 29 wheel options, so whichever side of the debate you land on, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to start planning your pedal powered adventure? Check out our website for more details, pricing, and online booking. If you’re ready to book your private tour, you can give our Alpine Demo Center in Whistler a call at (604) 962-3228.

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