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Mountain Hardware Aspect Tent - Gear Review

Mountain Hardware Aspect Tent - Gear Review

We got our hands on the new Mountain Hardwear Aspect tent. Designed to be a lightweight 2 and 3 person back packing tent, it's the lightest tent Mountain Hardwear have ever made! The Aspect uses clever solutions to help keep the weight down whilst still maintaining a very livable tent.


  • Tent Body & Fly
  • Tent Zipper & Poles
  • Tent Shape & Design 
  • Whats In The Bag




Mountain Hardwear Aspect Review

The goal of this tent series is to be as light as possible but still livable. If you are looking for the lightest possible tent, check out the Strato UL or for a more livable car camping tent, the mineral king.


Mountain Hadrwear Aspect Tent Body & Fly

Tent Body

This lightweight backpacking tent uses mesh for most of the body of the tent. This helps keep the tent lightweight, when compared to other 3 person tents. Plus as an added bonus it makes the tent great for star gazing at night.

The base and sides of the tent are silnylon. This helps the fabric keep its integrity. It's also 100% waterproof which is excellent for around the sides and floor of the tent. 

On the inside of the tent there are two pockets on both sides, shelf pockets up high and clips to attach an attic if needs be.

Tent Fly

The tent fly uses a lightweight material that's treated with silicone on both the front and backside, this allows the tent to use very lightweight materials.

One very interesting aspect of the tent is that the tent fly is not taped. It maintains it's water integrity from a cotton poly thread which binds the fabric together.

This thread is polyester through the core and cotton around the outside. To maintain its integrity, the cotton then swells the hole shut to keep the water out.


Top Tip

don't let your poles snap together, it chips the ends of the poles. Which will cause issues sliding them together.


Mountain Hardwear Aspect Poles & Zippers

Tent Poles

The lightweight tent uses feather light DAC NSL poles. This gives around a 6-18% weight savingscompared to other non DAC poles. 

The tent uses cord instead of clips to attach the body to the poles. This kevlar cord is very strong and helps keep the tent lightweight.

Tent Zippers

YKK zippers with cord are used two pul the door open. Again this helps keeps weight down and reduces the chance of them flapping in the wind. The cord is reflective which make it easy to see with a headlamp. 


Mountain Hardwear Aspect Tent Shape & Design

Tent Shape

High walls on either side of the tent give great headspace to sit up straight inside with, making it not feel claustrophobic. 

It has a dry entry system created from overhanging poles. This allows you to keep the inside of the tent dry when entering in wet conditions.

Tent Design

It has a bath tub floor which keeps the zippers clean and away from the dirt. It also prevents dirt and water getting onto the floor of the tent.

The overall size of the 3 person tent is 41sq feet


Whats In the Bag




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