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Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag - Gear Review

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag - Gear Review

Have you ever been camping with a down sleeping bag that has gotten wet from condensation or even just from being near the water or rain. Did you know a wet down sleeping bag looses its ability to keep you warm?

Mountain Hardwear's Lamina sleeping bag series solves that problem. Using high level technology to keep the weight down, you have a high quality synthetic sleeping bag at a great price. 

The Lamina series is about providing excellent value for money whilst still maintaining a high quality product. This years upgraded lamina achieves this, whilst still serving its purpose as a durable and warm sleeping bag for the desired temperatures. 

The Lamina achieves this high quality using high level technology called Thermal Q. More about this below.

The Lamina series comes in three different warmths.

  • -1
  • -9
  • -9 (women's specific)


In this blog we will discuss;

Fabrics & Insulation 

Stitching & Zippers

Fill, Fit & Foot Box 

Womens Specific Bag

Rating System & Storage Sack


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Lamina Sleeping Bag Fabric & Insulation


The face fabric uses a 30D nylon, this use of nylon increase its durability compared to other face fabrics used.


The inside of the Lamina sleeping bag uses s 40D polyester fabric. This fabric is very comfortable against the skin.


The Thermal Q insulation this year is 80% recycled. This is a huge step in creating a more sustainable product that's environmentally friendly.


Lamina Sleeping Bag Stitching & Zippers


One of the things you may notice about the face fabric is that there are no seams. This is where the name Lamina comes from, taken from the word lamination. More on this below.


One crucial component of lightweight sleeping bags is to have a zipper that will not snag. Mountain Hardwear use a #5 plough shaped zipper on the Lamina sleeping bag. This special zipper is shaped different from normal zippers, this new shape keeps the zipper away from the face fabric and prevents potential snagging. There is also a zipper guide around the inside of the bag, it's a higher denier fabric to give even more security that you won't snag the bag.

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag Zipper


Lamina Sleeping Bag Fill, Fit & Foot Box


The Thermal Q insulation is overlaps each other and is then lamination together to keep them in place.

The bag has no seams to keep the insulation in place. This is a fantastic step in technology because seams are a source of wear on sleeping bags and can often fail.

Seams are can also be a water entry point so minimizing these areas help keep the bag dry in wet weather conditions. So if you take your bag on the coast paddle boarding, or sea kayaking or tend to be in wet areas, this is an excellent bag for you.

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag face fabric



The fit is a standard mummy bag shape. It's not particularly tight and has room to move

Foot Box

The Lamina foot box has room for foot splay which gives a very comfortable feel around the feet that does not feel restricted. 


Women's Specific Lamina Sleeping Bag

This year there is a Lamina -9 sleeping bag made specifically for women. The differences are quite significant.


The whole shape is different from the unisex Lamina. It more closely resembles a women's shape. The reason for this is the create less space in the bag that has to be kept warm. This womens' specific shape will keep the bag much warmer.


The amount of insulation and where it is located is also different when comparing the unisex to the women's Lamina. The reason for this is women tend to sleep cooler than men, so more insulation helps keep the bag warmer. The location of the extra insulation is centred around the core to keep the core of the body warm.

The one down side to this is that the women's specific bag is a couple of ounces heavier than the unisex bag.


Zipper connection

The unisex sleeping bag has a left hand zip and the women's has a right hand zip which means the sleeping bags can be zipped together. 


Lamina Sleeping Bag Rating & Storage

Rating System 

Each bag has a comfort, limit and extreme rating on the inside collar of the bag. It's incredibly challenging to give an accurate temperature for sleeping bags because people are very different in how cold or hot they sleep. 


Mountain Hardwear Lamina Sleeping Bag Rating system


Compression Sack

The lamina sleeping bag comes with the same compression sack that the high end Phantom sleeping bag does. It's really an important part of keeping the size of your bag down so it's a great addition to the product. 




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