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Mountain Hardwear Phantom Sleeping Bag - Gear Review

Mountain Hardwear Phantom Sleeping Bag - Gear Review

We have all been there, you put your sleeping bag in your pack and realize it fills up nearly all the pack! It's incredibly frustrating. This is why Mountain Hardwear decided to create the Phantom series.

With two new down sleeping bags - the Phantom -1 and Phantom -9. The Phantom series is the new flagship down sleeping bag designed to keep your pack size low. With the -1 weighing in a 1lb 6oz and the -9 at 2llb. You'll barely even know you have them in your pack!


In this blog we will discuss;


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Phantom Sleeping Bag Fabric 


The down sleeping bag uses a 10D ghost whisperer face fabric that is ripstop nylon and 100% recycled.This fabric is an extremely lightweight material that is used in their flagship down jacket the ghost whisperer.

This material feels like tissue paper but is still incredibly strong.


On the base of the sleeping bag is 20D fabric. This extra thickness is more durable than the 10D face fabric, it's used because the base of the sleeping bag higher wear area.


Phantom Sleeping Bag Zipper & Stitching


One crucial component of lightweight sleeping bags that use incredibly thin fabrics is to have a zipper that will not snag. Mountain Hardwear use a #5 plough shaped zipper on the phantom sleeping bag. This special zipper is shaped different from normal zippers and keeps the zipper away from the face fabric and prevents potential snagging issues. There is also a zipper guide around the inside of the bag which is a higher denier fabric to give even more security that you won't snag the bag.


Sleeping bag stitching can take alot of abuse. The phantom sleeping bag uses a tuck stitching approach. This novel type of stitch takes much longer to make but creates a more durable bag and gives less weak spots for the bag to fail. Tuck stitching allows the stitch to be enclosed on the inside of the bag and therefore protected. 


Mountain Hardwear Phantom Sleeping Bag


Phantom Sleeping Bag Fill


Both the -1 and -9 sleeping bags use vertical hanging baffles along the chest of the bag and horizontal baffles further down the sleeping bag. This system ensures you do not have cold spots in the bag. The -9 has the added draft collar around the neck to minimize the amount of air flow going in and out of the bag when you are asleep. 

It uses 850 RDS fill down throughout the bag, this creates a sleeping bag that compresses down incredibely well and takes up barely any space in your pack when compared to synthetic bags and even other down bags. 


Phantom Sleeping Bag Fit & Features


The phantom bag uses a mummy performance fit. However, it's not as scary as it sounds, the wide toe box gives it a much roomier feeling in the areas that need it - around the feet. It's likely not the bag for a broad chested person but for most it will feel spacious and roomy where you need it but retains a tight fit for extra warmth. The bag come in both a regular and long fit.

Foot Box

One excellent feature is a box shaped toe box. This gives you more space to move your feet compared to the typical cone shape foot box in most mummy bags. 


Mountain Hardwear Phantom Sleeping Bag Toe Box


Hood Draw Cord

This feature allows you to lock the sleeping bag around your face to retain as much heat as possible. It can be done with one hand.

To release the draw cord you need to press the inside at the base of the cord to release it.




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