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Ortovox Litric Avabag Review: A Revolutionary New Avalanche Air Bag

Ortovox Litric Avabag Review: A Revolutionary New Avalanche Air Bag

In the dynamic realm of backcountry exploration, safety reigns supreme. Enter Ortovox's Litric Avabag system, a collaborative marvel with Arc'teryx, engineered to set new benchmarks in avalanche safety. Let's explore the cutting-edge technology and distinctive features that make the Ortovox Litric Avalanche Air Bag a game-changer for every backcountry adventurer.



Ortovox Litric battery

Ortovox Litric Avabag Super capacitor On Button And Charging Port

Power-Packed Supercapacitors

At the core of the Ortovox Litric Avabag is its supercapacitory technology, a result of the powerful collaboration with Arc'teryx. These supercapacitors deliver a high output of power with minimal charge, thanks to a USB-C charged battery system. This revolutionary design ensures reduced size and weight, making the entire Ortovox Avabag Litric system equivalent to the weight of a standard 1L Nalgene bottle.

Ortovox Litric Battery

Ortovox Litric Avabag Supercapacitor

    Lightest Multiple Deployment Avalanche Bag

    The Ortovox Litric system proudly claims the title of being the lightest multiple deployment system on the market. It even surpasses the weight of most canister airbags (except carbon canister). This groundbreaking design ensures that backcountry uses no longer need to compromise on weight when prioritizing safety.

    Ortovox Litric zip

    Ortovox Litric Avabag Modular Zip on Sizes

    One Base, Multiple Avalanche Bags

    One standout feature beyond its remarkable lightweight design, is the modular versatility of the Ortovox Litric size. This ingenious system allows you to start with a Litric base pack and customize your experience by adding different zip on and off sizes.

    The Ortovox Litric Avabag comes in various base options, each catering to different backcountry needs. The Litric Tour is available in a:

    Ortovox Litric Avabag Freeride Back with Stretchy Hip Belt

    Additionally, the two Litric Freeride options offer a smaller, more flush pack with a stretchy hip belt providing a snug fit for those seeking an avalanche air bag that feels as unobtrusive as possible. The freeride litric is available in a:

    Extended Battery Life and Reliability

    The Ortovox Litric Avabag ensures reliability in diverse backcountry scenarios making it a practical choice for extended trips and varied conditions.

    • Standby battery life of 60 hours
    • Capable of withstanding sustained temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius
    • Guaranteed minimum of two deployments on each full charge

    Ortovox Litric freeride leg loop

    Ortovox Litric Avabag Leg Loop 

      Redesigned Safety Features

      Ortovox has paid meticulous attention to safety details. They have eliminated the metal hip buckle that was used because of the leg loop attaching to it. Instead, they have introduced an external buckle that the leg loop attaches to. This allows the reintroduction of a large oversized easy to handle plastic buckle, instead of a fidgety metal buckle. The redesigned leg loop buckle simplifies the process, emphasizing safety without compromising on ease of use. The uses a traffic light flashing system that

      Ortovox Litric

      Ortovox Litric Avabag 40L

      Practical Design and Easy Deployment

      The Ortovox Litric Avalanche Air Bag sets itself apart with its user-friendly design. The bag's volume is true to its word. Meaning 30L is 30L, not minus the system. A feature not common in many other avalanche packs. Inflated, the balloon sits slightly further back, allowing for easier skiing when deployed. Deflation and packing are a breeze, thanks to a key-locked system (the key is attached to the pack, don't worry) that eliminates the relentless challenge of deflating and packing airbag balloons away. There is also a redesigned system that houses the balloon. It features a mechanical latch and zippers, making packing the away bag simpler than ever before. It's honestly the easiest avalanche airbag to pack away ever, and we have packed away A LOT!

      Ortovox Litric Avabag Helmet Holder

        Additional Features for Every Adventure

        Ortovox Litric doesn't stop at safety; the Avalanche Air Bag is packed with additional features.

        • Multiple ski and snowboard carrying options
        • Helmet holder
        • Two ice axe holders
        • Extra straps for personalized configurations like external crampon carry

        Ortovox Litric

        Ortovox Litric Avabag Extra Straps

        The Ortovox Litric is commitment to meeting the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts providing versatility for any backcountry adventure.

        In conclusion, the Ortovox Litric Avalanche Air Bag, also known as the Ortovox Avabag Litric, is not just an evolution; it's a revolution in backcountry safety. With cutting-edge technology, thoughtful design, and user-friendly features, Ortovox and Arc'teryx have created a must-have companion for adventurers seeking the perfect blend of safety and performance in the untamed wilderness.

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