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Our Top Five Father's Day Adventures

Our Top Five Father's Day Adventures

1. Paddleboard Adventure

Gather the family, pack the sunscreen and head to the nearest lake. With temperatures finally rising, stand-up paddleboarding is a fun way to enjoy the weather and stay cool. SUPs from our Alpine Demo Centre in Whistler, our Squamish store or book online. We have paddle board fro rent for all the family.

Check out our blog on where to paddle board in Whistler for an in-depth review of 4 awesome lakes in Whistler, plus an adventure down the river of golden dreams!

2. Hike

What better way to enjoy some quality time with Dad than a good old-fashioned hike. There are so many beautiful hikes right on our doorstep to suit all levels. If Dad’s old hiking gear is looking a little worn, then you could also treat him to a new pair of hiking socks. Merino wool works well in all weathers, helping to moderate your temperature and drying quickly to stop you getting cold when you stop for lunch.

Want to learn more about merino wool, check out our blog on why we love Merino Wool.

3. Overnight Camping

If you have time for a longer hike, then why not break it up with a night spent under the stars. There are also many great local car camping spots to enjoy the outdoor experience without having to go too far. Light a campfire, share your favourite stories and then wake up with the sun and some freshly brewed coffee. Time away from the distractions of daily life is a great way to really share some quality time and learn something new about each other. We’re sure Dad has some great stories that you haven’t heard yet!

4. Try something new

Maybe Dad loves sailing but you’ve never given it a try, or maybe you want to introduce Dad to your favourite hobby. Trying new activities together is a great way to bond, create new memories and learn from each other. Maybe you both want to try a completely new activity but have no idea where to start. Check out some of the many greater local companies who can guide you through a new activity or adventure. One of our favourites is Mountain Skills Academy’s Via Ferrata. It’s a fun introduction to rock climbing that is suitable for all levels and offers spectacular views that are sure to make Dad’s day.

5. Road Trip

Turn it into a Father’s Day weekend adventure with a road trip. With nothing but the open road and beautiful scenery, it’ll certainly be a weekend to remember. There are some stunning day trips available to us in the Sea to Sky, however if you can go further afield.

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