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Who is Red Paddle Co?

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In this article, we will cover;

  • Who is Red Paddle Co
  • Innovation at Red Paddleboard
  • Protecting the Planet
  • How durable are Red Paddleboards?

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Group uses the XL Red paddle board

Who is Red Paddle Co

The past 12 years have been a wild ride for Red Paddle. With a singular goal to “get as many people out on the water as possible, in the safest and most reliable way”, company founder John Hibbard’s heart has always been set on allowing people to have fun on the water.

Aside from making the best product in the world, John wanted to create a community of users who are passionate about what they do, not because it’s an extreme sport, but because of the fun they have whilst being out on the water.

On a recent trip to Canada, John dropped by the store to tell us why he loves paddleboarding, all about innovation at Red Paddle Co and gave us the low down on the 2022 paddleboards and accessories.

Check out our video interview with Red Paddle Founder!

Running on the beach with the XL paddle board

Innovation at Red Paddle

Innovation is at the core of what Red Paddle Co does. The Red Paddle team has a purpose-built “ideas factory” called the Red International Development Centre. This is where the innovating happens. The factory is located on the south coast of the UK, in South Devon. This ideas factory is set on the shores of the water so the team can literally, float their ideas. Take the XL board for example, why have one paddleboard each when you can have one mega paddleboard to hang out on together!

Quality Control

In most industries that produce products for the market, there is usually an industry standard that is set up to create a benchmark for products. This is so consumers consistently receive a quality product. It’s up to companies to follow this. However, at Red Paddle, they didn’t think the standard was high enough, so they created their own! Red Paddle created its own quality-controlled testing facility which is the most rigorously controlled on the market – called TEC AIR. This facility makes sure each and every single product is built to last and not just be replaced.

Dog Paddleboarding

If you ever get a chance to visit the Red Paddle Co Headquarters, you may also notice the 10 dogs; relaxing and running around the HQ. Red Paddle has certified product testers, so you will likely see them out on the waterways with the team (and some dogs) testing new ideas. The team at Red Paddle board loves dogs and knows their customers do too. They work tirelessly to innovate new ways to make it safer and friendlier to get you and your furry friend out on the water.

Using the titan 2 pump with the dog

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Protecting the Planet

The Red Paddle team loves the outdoors – it’s their life’s passion. They also know designing and producing paddle boards and accessories has a cost on the planet. One way they help reduce this is by designing a product that stands the test of time. By doing this, less product goes in the landfill.

Since each paddleboard takes 72 hours to make, they carefully consider every detail before releasing the paddleboard. Within that 72-hour process, the Red Paddle team takes steps to be as responsible as possible by reducing the usage of dyes and adhesives. Here are a few areas Red Paddle Co has made efforts to become more eco-friendly.

  • The board protection facility is 100% waste-free
  • Return rate is 0.5%
  • Cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable

Paddle board fins with recyclable packaging

How Durable are Red Paddleboards?

Along with innovation, at the core of the Red Paddle ethos is a longstanding belief that they make the most durable paddleboards. During the quality control process, they literally drove a digger over the inflated paddle board to show its toughness. Now that’s a commitment to showing durability!

Another example where Red Paddle Co has gone above and beyond is with their warranty. The industry standard is 1 year but Red Paddle decided to increase it to a 5-year warranty on their paddleboards.

“We stand by our boards as much as we stand on them”
– John Hibbard, Founder of Red Paddle Co

family of two paddles on a lake

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In Summary

We can’t get enough of Red Paddle boards! They are the highest quality product, that’s built to last. All from a company that cares about its employees, customers, the paddleboards and accessories they make. What more could you want from a company?

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