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ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

Move over InReach and Spot devices; a new kid is on the block. It's called ZOLEO, the more affordable two-way satellite communicator.


ZOLEO Subscription 

ZOLEO Plans  Basic  In Touch Unlimited 
Monthly Fee $25can $45can $70can
Messages included* 225 250 Unlimited
Additional Messages 70c/ea 70c/ea Free (Unlimited)
Cellular & Wifi yes yes yes
SOS Alerts yes yes yes
Location Share+ Add-on $7.50/mo $7.50/mo $7.50/mo

*messages include incoming and outgoing


ZOLEO Subscription Extra's

  • $25 activation fee
  • Subscriptions can be changed, suspended or cancelled at any time after three months
  • $5 per month suspension fee
  • Location share+ includes unlimited check and location share messages
  • Data is taken from your data plan as normal
  • 2-year warranty


Who is ZOLEO?

The hardware side of ZOLEO is from an Australian company founded in 2002 called Beam Communications. The device and services side is a company called RoadPost, founded in 1991. They are a Canadian company and were one of the original partners in the InReach.



Zoleo satellite communicator how to


ZOLEO Features

ZOLEO was designed to allow SOS, location sharing, and check-in without a phone. So if your phone dies, you can still use the essential functions without a problem. It uses the Iridium satellite network, the same as the InReach.

Not connected to a cell phone

SOS Button

When not using your cell phone, this is one-way communication. It uses the built-in GPS/GLONASS to access your position. It sends this position to the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC), which will organize a rescue.

Zoleo satellite comminucator


Check In Button

A pre-set message that can send to three different contacts; however, you cannot customize the message. It simply sends "I'm OK" and, if enabled, your location. You can send a check in every 90 seconds. 


Location Sharing Button

Pressing the check-in button for 3 seconds enables location+ sharing. You can change how frequent the location+ sharing is within the app beforehand. At 6, 12, 30 mins and 1, 2 and 4 hour intervals.

You can add up to 5 contacts within the ZOLEO app who can follow your tracking; they will need the app too. This location+ feature is an add-on for $7.50/mo.


Zoleo satellite communicator


Connected to a cell phone


This allows you to have two-way (text) communication with the IERCC.

You add your two emergency contacts' names and numbers during the setup phase, and you can test the SOS function by organizing a date and time with IERCC beforehand. Learn more here.

You can also cancel an SOS at any time.


ZOLEO SOS screen




ZOLEO allows you to use either satellite, standard cell service or internet seamlessly within the app. It will automatically change from one to the other depending on what's available. This feature helps you not use your satellite message allocation.

From within the app on your cell phone, you can send a message via three different platforms

  • App to App - 1047 characters = 1 message
  • Email - 200 characters = 1 message
  • SMS - 160 characters = 1 message

If you regularly communicate with someone, it makes sense for them to download the app.

You cannot send images with messages, but there are some emojis available.

You can add your GPS location to any text message without the location+ add-on feature.


Incoming messages count as messages towards your allocation.

Depending on battery savings circumstances, you can select how often you want to check for incoming messages. You can choose manual, 12, 24, 60 minutes and always on.


ZOLEO message screen



The weather forecast is from Dark Sky (this will change at the end of 2022 when Dark Sky closes down). You can get current conditions, 10 hour and 4 day forecast. They include;

  • Wind speed and direction 
  • Precipitation percentage and estimated amount
  • Visibility range
  • High, low and feels like temperature 
  • Sunrise and sunset time


    ZOLEO weather screen


    Offline Maps

    You can download offline maps to see your location while out of service. If you do not download offline maps, you just see your location via longitude and latitude. 


    What is in the Box

    1 x ZOLEO

    1 x Charging cable

    1 x Carabiner

    1 x Quick start guide

    Zoleo satellite communicator  what's in the box





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