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Driven By Experience

Gear Review: Milligram Splitboard

"The simplicity of the systems meant that my transition time shrank dramatically throughout the day."

At Amplid, they know from a lifetime of experience that great splitboard equipment makes all the difference in the mountains. Under the guidance of owner Peter, they work fervently to create state of the art freeride splitboards of the highest quality that fuels their customers progression.

Peters vision for Amplid snowboards is to be responsible for important designs, big ideas and cutting edge tech that will shape the future of freeriding. Amplids single minded mission is to give its customers the confidence to reach the next level.

Become An Amplid Test Pilot

R&D is the bedrock of which Amplid is built. To compliment this, Amplid offers customers a chance to be involved with the whole process, too. Welcome to the splitboard test pilot porgram.

If you are over 18 and own an Amplid snowboard;

- 10 selected test pilots will receive prototype Amplid snowboards

- Access to free and/or subsidized tests and camps

- Sticker pack and limited edition test pilot patch

- Bi-monthly newsletter with updates on amplid news

The Two Season Cycle

Amplid decided to step up and say no to the annual yearly sales cycle. Why is this a radical step? 

Firstly, this gives the R&D team time for innovation and frees up resources to sharpen the focus on making  better splitboards for you.

Secondly, it's a step towards a more sustainable business. Ensuring there are enough Amplid snowboards to meet the demand but not pointless consumerism with irresponsible over production.

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