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DPS Dreamtime

Summer is a skier’s season to dream. It’s a time for dedicated skiers around the globe to get lost in heat-induced daydreams of cold smoke, build your perfect quiver and visualize how your body and equipment will work in unison when the snow begins to fall again.
DPS Dreamtime

DPS x Escape Route - A Long History

As the first retailer to stock DPS in Canada, they have been a core product of ours since day one.

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DPS/ATK R14 Bindings

15% off! The lightest high-performance alpine touring binding, with the most neutral stance for natural ski balance.

DPS climbing skins

15% off

Top-of-the-line climbing skins are constructed in a Climb Pro S-Glide spec, which means 70% mohair and 30% nylon.

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