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Winter Services

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Winter Tech Services

The Escape Route offers a wide range of winter ski tech services. Our Whistler and Squamish locations are here to get your ski touring equipment ready for the winter ski season. Here are some of our most popular ski tech services;

  • Ski binding mounts
  • Insole creation
  • Boot mould and punching
  • DPS phantom treatment 



Ski Tech Services

Service Price Whistler Squamish
Binding Mount (without purchase) $80 Yes Yes
Previously mounted skis (with jig) $100 Yes Yes
Complex mount or adjustment without jig $160 Yes Yes
Binding Mount with purchase of 1 Item (bindings or skis) $40 Yes Yes
Binding Mount with purchase of 2 Items (bindings and skis) Free Yes Yes
Skin Trimming (free with purchase) $25 Yes Yes
Phantom purchase and application $170 Yes Yes
Boot shell punch each (1 to 2) $25 Yes Yes
Boot shell punch (3+) $20 Yes Yes
Boot fitting (shell fit and liner molding) $60 Yes Yes
Air canister refill (currently unavailable in 2024) $50 Yes Yes
  • We no longer offer any quiver killer services.

Bindings we can mount

All Dynafit Bindings
ATK Bindings
Marker Touring Bindings
All Diamir Fritschi Bindings
All G3 Bindings
All Black Diamind Bindings
Atomic Touring Bindings
All Plum Bindings
Salomon Touring Bindings



Tuning Services

The highest quality ski tuning and repair in Whistler. If your ski equipment needs maintenance or has taken damage, Nate and his crew will be able to bring your ski equiptment back to life.
Tuning Service Price Whistler Squamish
Pro Tune (Base hydration, edge sharpen, base polish, Ptex welding, base levelling, high performance base texturing)
$150 Yes Yes
Repair Services 
Depending open the repair $20 - $100 Yes Yes
  • Top sheet repair
  • Core stabilization and foam injection
  • Edge stabilization and replacements
  • Base patches and tip and tail repairs
*all repair services are in addition to a required major or pro tune.



Boot Fitting Services

Our staff have been training by MasterFit University and have years of experience. Our ski boot selection is curated to fit a range of feet so our staff have the ability to pair you up with the correct ski boot. If the ski boot needs extra work we also offer after market boot work. Both of our stores have ovens to heat mould your ski boot liners to get the closest fit possible.


Service Price Whistler Squamish
Boot Liner Thermomold Without Purchase $50 Yes Yes
Boot Liner Thermomold With Boot Purchase Free Yes


Boot Customization  $100 per hour Yes Yes

DPS Phantom Treatment

Revolutionary single application treatment. PFC free, waxeless treatment for your skis. Save time, save money, help save the planet.

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