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Winter Tech Services

The Escape Route offers a wide range of winter tech services. Our Whistler and Squamish locations can handle everything you need to prepare your equipment for use in the backcountry. We don't just mount bindings, we also heat-mold ski boots, perform software updates for transceivers, and refill/replace avalanche backpack canisters. New this year we're excited to offer the DPS Phantom 2.0 Waxless Glide treatment. Apply once, and glide for the life of your gear.

Ski Bench Services

Service Price Whistler Squamish
Binding Mount (without purchase) $80 Yes Yes
Previously mounted skis (with jig) $100 Yes Yes
Complex mount or adjustment without jig $160 Yes Yes
Binding Mount With Purchase of 1 Item (bindings or skis) $40 Yes Yes
Binding Mount With Purchase of 2 Items (bindings and skis) Free Yes Yes
Binding Removal $20 Yes Yes
Skin Trimming $25 Yes Yes
Boot shell punch each (1 to 2) $25 Yes Yes
Boot shell punch (3+) $20 Yes Yes
Boot fitting (shell fit and liner molding) $60 Yes Yes


All Dynafit Bindings
ATK Bindings
Marker Touring Bindings
All Diamir Fritschi Bindings
All G3 Bindings
All Black Diamind Bindings
Atomic Touring Bindings
All Plum Bindings
Salomon Touring Bindings

Boot Fitting

No matter how good the snow is, everyone knows if your ski boots don't fit properly, you will have a terrible day on mountain. Here at Escape Route, we pride ourselves in finding the right boot for the right person. Our staff have been trained by MasterFit University and Intuition and will make sure you leave with a boot that fits your foot.
Service Price Whistler Squamish
Boot Liner Thermomold Without Purchase $50 Yes Yes
Boot Liner Thermomold With Boot Purchase Free Yes Yes


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