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Skins Pre-Trimmed 106mm

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Size: 155-163 cm

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Pomoca S Glide | Metal Tail Clip | DPS Branding

These skins are a modified version of the POMOCA S glide. It competes with high glide racing skins, but still allows you to set a steep track in firm conditions. Offered in pre-trimmed shapes, perfectly cut to DPS sidecuts and lengths.

Designed to fit our Pagoda 106 C2 and Pagoda Tour 106 C2 Skis.

  • Best glide mix ever!
  • Waterproof
  • 11cm of length adjustment
  • Skin-trimming tool and bag included 

Grip: Good | Better | Best

Glide: Good | Better | Best

Packability: Good | Better | Best

Durability: Good | Better | Best

Weight: Light | Lighter | Lightest

Escape Route Says
Usage Multi-day touring, Competition, Ski touring  
Notes Be cautious of getting snow on the glue, reliable but not as tacky as BD/G3
Bottom Line Pomona S glide performance but with an upgraded metal tail clip. 

Tech Specs

Length 153-163, 171-179, 184-189
Width 106mm
Sizing Pre cut
Materials 70% Mohair 30% Nylon

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