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Skotti Packable Grill

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Grill anywhere you like!

Whether it’s barbecuing in the park, by the lake, on the balcony, or whether it’s on a table, on a picnic blanket, on your snowboard or on your car bonnet - you can have a barbecue anywhere you like with the SKOTTI Grill. It’s the first gas grill in the world constructed from individual plug-in parts: It’s easily set up within a minute, and you don’t need any tools. And it will get at least as hot as a regular standing grill. Turn on the gas cartridge, hold a match to the ignition opening, and you’re done! You can control the heat using a rotating regulator, and as quick as a flash you’ll be enjoying deliciously grilled food. And while you are eating, your SKOTTI can cool down so that it can be put aside, cleaned, or returned directly to its washable tarpaulin bag. Your SKOTTI Grill will easily find a place in any mobile home, hiking backpack, van, canoe, motorcycle pannier or on a luggage rack. Or you can just carry it under your arm. Including its bag, the SKOTTI only weighs 3.3 kg. As an aside, the burner pipe and the gas hose are both well protected in the two pockets inside the bag, which of course come with the product.

Use the right fuel

Our gas cartridges are screw-in valve cartridges that conform to the EN417 standard, which you'll be able to find in almost any outdoor equipment or hardware store. And do us and yourself a favor: use the one's that have a Isobutane/Propane mix instead of pure Isobutane. More power for your Skotti!

Gas, wood, coal - the SKOTTI Grill is an all-round talent:

The SKOTTI Grill is not just an all-rounder on the grill grating, but also underneath: If you don't have any gas at hand, you can also heat the SKOTTI with coal or use its body as a small firepit and make a cosy little campfire for you and your friends.

Turn your SKOTTI Grill into an outdoor kitchen

Our accessories will turn your SKOTTI Grill into a complete mini outdoor kitchen. Take a look at the SKOTTI Cap, our multifunctional hood, as well as our stainless steel SKOTTI Boks. This is available in two different sizes, which can be used not only for plastic-free and drip-free transport of your grilled food, but also directly as a pan or pot on the grill.

The SKOTTI Grill is environmentally friendly

We don't want to force you into any situation where you need to consider buying a second SKOTTI Grill. That's why we have designed it in such a way that you can continue enjoying it forever. This is how sustainable barbecuing






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