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DPS Dreamtime 2022 - Special Edition Preorder Skis

DPS Dreamtime 2022 - Special Edition Preorder Skis

Dreamtime 2022: 25 June - 10 August


What you save as a Canadian with Escape Route

  • Prices in CAN not USD
  • Save up to $250 per skis
  • Free shipping throughout all off Canada
  • Save 50% on PHANTOM treatment with any ski purchase
  • Free mounting with ski & binding purchase
  • Save 15% on bindings  


    At Escape Route, we love this time of year. It forces us to put down our paddles, sit down our bikes and think about skiing again for a brief moment (not that we ever stopped). Incase you weren't aware of how Dreamtime came about, here is a brief history before you get to the good stuff - the skis!

    The History
    The DPS Dreamtime sale was introduced back in 2012 to give the most hardcore DPS fans a chance at pre-ordering the upcoming seasons DPS skis. Now, the Dreamtime sale still allows fans too preorder skis but with a special edition top sheets.

    Learn more: Who are DPS?

    “Behind winter, Dreamtime is our second favorite season of the year. It’s a time for DPS to show off our favorite designs and creations with the ski community. We strive to bring the most innovative products to you each season and we can’t wait to share our latest iterations,” says Thomas Laakso, vice president of product and operations at DPS.

    If you love DPS and want the best technology for the upcoming season, all with a special edition top sheet. DPS Dreamtime sale is for you.    


    Limited Powderworks Skis

    Do you want to be at the cutting edge of ski design? The Powderworks model is just that. This ski is a space where DPS let the creative juices flow to design a ski with such precision, difficulty and with a harder charging feel. It’s where advanced cores, laminates, rockers, and sidecuts are previewed – then built. These creations may one day make it into the standard lineup, but as they stand; they are rare, cutting-edge skis. 

    • Powderworks 100 RPC $1649 - 171cm, 179cm, 184cm
    • Powderworks 110 C2 Tour $1649 - 171cm, 179cm, 184cm, 189cm


    DPS Dreamtime Powderworks Skis

    Special Edition Skis 

    These skis are limited edition, small batch produced custom art work creations made in Salt lake City. If you buy one of these it's very highly unlikely you'll be seeing another one of the mountain. We are big fans of this years funky designs. The 2022 Special Edition skis are in the Pagoda 100 RP and Pagoda 112 RP model.

    • Pagoda 100 Orange $1399 RRP $1649 - 153cm, 163cm, 171cm, 179cm, 184cm, 189cm
    • Pagoda 100 Teal $1399 RRP $1649 - 153cm, 163cm, 171cm, 179cm, 184cm, 189cm
    • Pagoda 112 Blue $1399 RRP $1649 - 158cm, 168cm, 178cm, 184cm, 189cm
    • Pagoda 112 Red $1399 RRP $1649 - 158cm, 168cm, 178cm, 184cm, 189cm
    DPS Dreamtime Special Edition Pagoda Skis

    New Pagoda Tour Ski

    This is the second generation of the Pagoda Tour ski. Complete with the new DPS third rail technology, a new environmentally friendly sidewall material decreasing vibration throughout the ski. It's a welcomed upgrade. The ski also has a fresh new look with updated top sheet.

    Learn more: Our review of the 2023 Pagoda Tour

    Pagoda Tour 90 RP $1449 RRP $1649 - 157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 179cm, 184cm

    Pagoda Tour 94 C2 $1449 RRP $1649 - 157cm, 165cm, 171cm, 178cm, 185cm

    Pagoda Tour 100 RP $1449 RRP $1649 - 153cm, 163cm, 171cm, 179cm, 184cm

    Pagoda Tour 106 C2 $1449 RRP $1649 - 155cm, 163cm, 171cm, 179cm, 184cm

    Pagoda Tour 112 RP $1449 RRP $1649 - 158cm, 168cm, 178cm, 184cm

    DPS Pagoda Tour Skis 2023

    New PHANTOM Glide Treatment

    • DPS PHANTOM glide treatment - 50% off with a ski purchase

    We love simplification, we remember the first batch of PHANTOM glide were we felt like we were baking a cake, adding part a to part b and mixing things around. Now the recipe is as simple as ever requiring the treatment to not be wiped after it is worked into the base and requires half the amount of formula to work. 

    Learn more: What is PHAMTOM wax?

    DPS Phantom Glide treatment package

    Upgraded DPS/ATK Bindings

    • DPS/ATK R10 bindings $616 RRP $725 
    • DPS/ATK R14 bindings $764 RRP $899

    This year, the R10 features the same stomp pad as the R14. This feature gives maximum energy transfer between boot, binding and ski, plus a flatter ramp angle for an alpine binding feel.

    *During Dreamtime we are offering free bindings mounts with the purchase of a ski and binding. Just purchase both items and we'll reach out and organize the rest.

    DPS/ATK R10 ski binding


    Custom DPS Skins

    • DPS Pre Trimmed Skins $259

    This skin uses the tried and tested Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide formula, which means 70% mohair and 30% nylon. It also replaces the plastic attachment tail clip with a stronger, more reliable metal tail clip. So no more snapping tail clips on the skin track!

    DPS PreTrimmed Skins



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