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Gear Review: Amplid Milligram Splitboard

Gear Review: Amplid Milligram Splitboard

Who am I?

My name is Lydia, and I am new to the backcountry! I come from a resort riding background - and have just over a year under my belt on a board.  I am an intermediate rider - but very much still learning a lot every time I hit the slopes!

Why Amplid:

The main thing intrigued me about Amplid splitboards was the weight. As a small, not super strong person, every gram matters. Feeling comfortable and confident on the uphills is really important to me. A splitboard that leaves me with energy to focus on the downhill and the rest of the adventure is super important.


Choosing the Length 

I am 5’2 (158cm), so the 153cm Amplid Milligram was the obvious choice for me.  This is an increase from my regular resort board which is 149cm. I'm 58 kg which puts me close to the bottom of the recommended weight range, but leaves leaving plenty of wiggle room for a backpack full of snacks! 

The increased length of the board made the uphills a breeze, giving me plenty of traction and great weight distribution in soft snow.


Bindings & Skins

I paired the Amplid Milligram with Karakoram bindings and Pomoca Climb 2.0 skins.

The combination of the stiff Karakorum bindings and the light-weight Amplid splitboard made climbing a breeze, especially as I had all the traction I needed from the skins. I never slipped once and felt very secure in the set up. 

The learning curve for my first tour was absolutely massive, and the simplicity of the systems meant that my transition time shrank dramatically throughout the day.  

I can’t wait to get out again, so that I can get my skinning technique down (I'm keen trying to pick my feet up on steeper terrain), and nail my transitions!


How did the board feel

Carving Floatation High Speed Stability  Turn Ease
8/10 7/10* 9/10 7/10

*My first tour had a pretty heavy crust/packed snow - so I can’t wait to properly test it out on fresh pow and be able to rate it more accurately


High Speed Stability & Carving

I LOVE it!  The stiffness provides so much stability at high speeds and the backset is just perfect for me to strike that floatation vs control balance that can be really tricky sometimes!  The same can be said for the carving ability, and the crisp edges really hold you in and give such confidence. 

I also found that I had to commit more in the downhill to initiate turns, especially being near the bottom of the weight range - but commitment and trusting my edges is also helping me to be a better boarder overall. I had to adjust my style a bit to account for this, but the only time I found this challenging was on cat tracks and flatter sections where I wasn’t able to build up as much speed.  



Board versatility is an important factor - as at 1700CAD, this board is an investment and I wouldn't want to question using it.

I love that I feel confident hitting any sort of snow conditions

Saying that, after a few uses on groomers, and a backcountry tour, I was quite surprised at just how ‘new’ the board looked.  With my imperfect technique and mixed terrain, I would have expected some cosmetic marks to the base and edges, but the board’s split tune and impact plates mean it looks unused.  I'm impressed so far with the designs durability, and will keep you posted if anything changes!


The Verdict

I am super stoked that this board has given me access to the backcountry, and all the amazing experiences that go with that.

This board is definitely for those seriously considering weight saving to give yourself the best day possible! Touring is hard work as it is, why make it harder than it has to be?  Or just being able to beat your friends to the first line!

The Amplid Milligram works best for intermediate/expert riders and improving riders that are looking to push their limits, and hit their best lines. 

I would definitely also recommend the rest of my touring set up, the Karakoram bindings and Pomoca skins, as they also meant that my first experience was as easy and fun as possible!

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