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How To Choose A Ski Touring Binding

How To Choose A Ski Touring Binding

Release Value

Use a DIN calculator here to find out your release value and make sure the minimum value is not too low or the maximum value is not too high for your ability level.

Binding Weight

The more vertical metres your day involvs, the lighter the binding you would want

150 - 300g - Race, Traverse, Mountaineering, long ski tours, Big objectives

300 - 500g - Everyday Touring, All Round versatile option

500 - 900g - Resort access touring, Prioritize downhill performance and release consistency 


Brake - suitable for most unless you are looking to shave as much weight from the  binding

Heel Type - Alpine heel is suitable for someone looking to prioritize downhill performance in a  range of conditions and release consistency 

Boot length adjustment - No adjustment means no compatibility with another boot.

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